Nina sings… My skin is tan./My hair is fine/my hips invite you..My mouth like wine. Whose little girl am I? Anyone who has money to buy. What do they call me? My name is Sweet Thing.

What do they call me? My Name is Sweet Thing

2014 Excerpt from deconstructingshe…

“Sweet Thing” Conflicts of Exposing My “Buttocks”

Posing as “Sweet Thing” was somewhat a difficult thing to do.  All of a sudden I became self-conscious about how much of my body was being exposed.  I’ve photographed tasteful and artsy nude’s of others in the past, however, when I was in front of the camera, just showing my shape, there was a level of discomfort.  After several poses,  I settled with this one.  It didn’t help that at the exhibition, men kept wanting to clarify that this photograph was all me.

“Sweet Thing” represents so much and she asks us to question our positive and/or negative judgements of her.