Nina sings… My skin is brown. My manner is tough. I’ll kill the first mother I see. My life has to been rough. I’m awfully bitter these days.Because my parents were slaves. What do they call me? My name is PEACHES!

What do they call me? My Name is Peaches

excerpted from –

Post-Traumatic Slave Syndrome. Symptom: Ever Present Anger…When we see Peaches what do we think?

I chose to depict Peaches as a young gang member.  Peaches was born to parents who are both slaves to a system which perpetuates poverty, lack of self-education, consumerism, racism, and sexism.  Deep down she knows that she comes from a significantly rich ancestry, but some how something went wrong.  She rebels against a society that does not accept her, educational institutions that belittle her, corporations that control her, and a prison industrial complex that welcomes her.   Misguided in her form of retaliation, she fights hardest against and even kills the ones closest to her.  “My name is PEACHES!” She cries for help everyday.  At what time do we listen?