May 2014 by Ann Brown

“Me” Time? What’s That? 11 Successful Women Give Tips On Making Time For You”

As a successful photographer, Delphine Fawundu-Buford is always on the move . Currently, she working on an art series, Deconstructing SHE, traveling consistently throughout to create an art book on Urban Africa. Between work and motherhood, it took time for Fawundu-Buford to figure out just what “me” time was.

Create A “Me” Time Schedule

“I am a mother, an artist and an educator. It seems as if I have three full-time jobs, because neither one of them could be taken lightly. Strangely enough, when I first thought of ‘me’ time, I thought about the time I spend shooting my photography projects or taking a long walk with my children while eating ice cream,” she tells MadameNoire. “I then realized that doesn’t count. It’s the time that I have to make a special schedule for to work out in the gym, take a long walk alone, cook something special, go for a long serene bike ride and, one of these days, go on a real vacation. The only way that I am able to do these things is when I create a special ‘me time’ schedule.

“I try to schedule ‘me time’ a few times a week. I am also spontaneous and use free time wisely. Although, I travel very often, I am still working. This work is me living out my dreams and it never feels like work. However, when I was in the Dominican Republic with no camera in hand, eating fresh foods and bathing in the relaxing ocean while soaking in the sun, I realized that was ‘me time.’ I must admit though, I couldn’t help but to visualize an amazing project that I would like to do there.”